1. Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

    What Changes Happen During Pregnancy? The pelvis tilts forward, which will put strain on the lower back. Depending on where the baby sits, this may cause sciatica, lower back pain and hip pain The breasts will increase in size thus pulling the shoulders forward and putting stress on the neck, mid-back and the ribcage which can cause pain, numbness and tingling in arms and hands. The center of grav…Read More

  2. Your Amazing Body

    YOU ARE SIMPLY AMAZING!!! Did you know that each person has a unique set of toeprints, just like fingerprints, and that’s just one sign of how special you are. You also have your own unique set of teeth, which, by the way, begin growing 6 months before you are born. How does your body know how to do that? You are born with an inherent intelligence. This wisdom uses your nervous system to communi…Read More

  3. Is Your Chronological And Biological Age Telling The Same Story?

    I am sure this does not surprise you: “Your age is really the effect of your lifestyle choices.” Growing old is not a disease, but growing old with spinal degeneration is. The problem does not come purely with age, rather the problems gets worse when not corrected at the right time. What is spinal degeneration, then? Spinal degeneration is lack of proper spinal motion, lack of spinal alignment…Read More

  4. Is Your Child’s Spine At Risk?

    Have you observed students’ hunched over bodies, depressed shoulders, and heads that are thrust forward like a turtle out of its shell? If we stopped to carefully observe students these days, we’d come to the conclusion that it’s got to be causing harm. The stress that backpacks put on the body shouldn’t be ignored. Children carrying more than 10% of their body weight are susceptible to lo…Read More

  5. Why Parents Take Their Healthy Child To See A Chiropractor

    Parents who take their healthy children to a chiropractor for regular pediatric chiropractic care understand that spinal health of a child is equally important, as let’s say dental care.  Parents also understand that a chiropractor’s role in their children’s health is to analyze their spine for subluxation and nervous system stress, which inhibits it from functioning at 100%, thereby decrea…Read More

  6. How Do I Know If My Child Needs Chiropractic Care?

    Every human being, including our children, experiences life through 5 senses: taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing, all of which are under the control of the nervous system.  A person's immune system is a direct reflection of that said person’s nervous system integrity. Therefore, the notion that a person's immunity is independent and autonomous is flawed and false. Common signs of an out-of…Read More

  7. Eyes are a window to the soul, while posture distortions are a window to a child who is out of balance

    How can I tell if my child has spinal imbalances? Just as it is important that you have your children’s teeth checked by a dentist, it is also important to have their spine checked regularly for proper development. Use the following list to check for spinal imbalances: Does your child’s spine curve from side to side when they bend over? Is the child’s shoulder blade higher on one side? Is yo…Read More

  8. 7 Healthy Habits

    Practice of these seven habits not only provide you more health and vitality, but also place you in charge of your life so that your professional and personal goals are realized. Habit #1: Remove interference. Habit #2: Move more. Did you know that 90% of your brain health depends on movements; movement is not only needed for conditioning but it's a big part of your mental health, too. Habit #3: G…Read More

  9. How Bright Is Your Light?

    What Is Vertebral Subluxation? Vertebral Subluxation is a spinal dysfunction characterized by the following five components: kinesiopathology, neuropathology, myopathology, histopathology, and pathophysiology. At Power Within, we believe that correcting subluxations are at the heart of chiropractic treatments. Let us break each one apart and see how they rob us of the light within us. After all th…Read More