During pregnancy there are two changes that a woman cannot avoid: increase weight gain and hormonal changes.

Increase weight gain will result in a center of gravity change that will impact the biomechanics of your spine during daily activities such as standing, and walking. 

To accommodate for this change the body will go thru postural changes like wider base of support, increase of the lumbar lordosis. As the belly grows to accommodate the growing baby, the back muscles will carry most of the load and as a result pregnancy foes like low back pain start.

With regular chiropractic therapy, in addition to relieving pregnancy discomforts, many women report shorter labor time.


Children are designed to be healthy and vital all their lives.

Children deserve the best chance to express optimal health and their peak potential.

A child’s nervous system controls their amazing development.

Subluxation, nerve disturbance, limits their expression of life.

Signs of less than optimal nervous system are recurrent ear infections, unexplained crying, poor concentration, allergic reactions, and postural distortions.

The amount of force a chiropractor uses on a child is equivalent to the pressure you would use to check the ripeness of a tomato; in fact the chiropractic adjustment is so gentle that it’s not uncommon to adjust a sleeping infant and not have the baby wake up.


Your nervous system is protected by 24 movable vertebrae. 3 common stressors: physical, chemical, and emotional, can affect the spinal movement and function of the nervous system. The spine that is not properly moving will cause nerve irritation and will result in distorted communication between your brain and your body. 

In chiropractic therapy, we call this subluxation and it is referred to as a silent killer. You can have subluxation and not even realize that it’s impacting your health.

At Power Within Chiropractic, we are committed to locating, analyzing, and correcting your subluxation to eliminate this interference and restore the function of your entire nervous system.