Symptoms Of Spinal Subluxation

Now that you’re aware of spinal subluxations, you may be wondering whether or not you’re struggling with this issue. While the best way to tell for sure is to visit a qualified chiropractor, there are some ways to tell for yourself if you’re dealing with spinal subluxations. Here are a few:


When your spine is out of alignment, pressure and tension can build up. Once this pressure reaches the base of your head, it can cause headaches if it’s not properly released. While headaches can be caused by a multitude of issues, it never hurts to cross one potential cause off the list.

Inhibited Movement

If you’re experiencing stiffness or having a difficult time moving, subluxations could be the issue. If your flexibility has decreased, seeking chiropractic therapy may help restore motion and have you back to enjoying your life to the fullest once again.

Neck Or Back Pain 

Neck or back pain are two of the clearest symptoms of subluxation of the spine. This is particularly the case if you’re experiencing pain in both areas. Don’t ignore this clear warning sign and seek chiropractic help, especially if the pain is increasing in intensity.


Treating Spinal Subluxation Through Chiropractic Adjustment

At Power Within, we go a step further than most chiropractic clinics. Rather than relying solely on feeling, Dr. Alex uses the state-of-the-art “Subluxation Station” to examine the nervous system and check for subluxations. That way, you can rest assured you’re getting an accurate picture of your body’s needs. After that, we’ll begin a personalized chiropractic treatment plan that’s designed to maximize your results. 

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When you choose Power Within Chiropractic for your subluxation correction needs, you’ll be treated like a valued patient — not just another chart. Dr. Alex takes a truly personal approach and is fully committed to finding, analyzing, and correcting subluxation so you can get back to enjoying life.

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