Prenatal Chiropractic

What Chiropractic Techniques Are Used During Pregnancy?

At Power Within Chiropractic, Dr. Alex uses Webster technique to perform adjustments. The goal of this adjustment is to reduce the amount of negative effects of subluxation (misalignments) and to restore neuro-biomechanical function to the pelvis area.

As a Webster-trained chiropractor, you can expect the highest quality of care and expertise from Dr. Alex. However, she’s not just content to rest on her laurels. Dr. Alex practices with genuine care and a personal touch to ensure you get the best results from your chiropractic care.

What Are The Benefits Associated With Prenatal Chiropractic Services?

Chiropractic care over the course of your pregnancy has many beneficial effects. Here are some of the ones you may experience:

  • Healthier overall pregnancy
  • Reduce the effects of morning sickness and nausea
  • Shorter delivery times
  • Lower risk of having a c-section delivery
  • Reduce the pain associated with pregnancy in the back, neck, or other joints

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Enjoy a more robust, stress-free pregnancy with chiropractic therapy and holistic approaches to wellness with Dr. Alex at Power Within Chiropractic. Schedule your free consultation, or simply visit our Greensboro chiropractic clinic today.