1. Highly Recommend Her

    Dr. Aleksandra is one of the smartest and savvy in the chiropractic industry. I highly recommend her to the people of Greensboro and beyond.…Read More

    Tristan Schaub
  2. Caring and Conscientious Student

    I have known Dr Vujnovic for the past 3+ years during her tenure at Sherman College of Chiropractic. She has shown herself to be a caring and conscientious student that I have have no doubt will translate well into her chiropractic office. I’d trust her with my own family and I’m excited to see how her practice grows. If you are in her neighborhood, you owe it to your health to check Dr Vujnov…Read More

    Brian Dooley, DC
  3. Utmost Care and Concern

    Dr. Vujnovic puts the utmost care and concern for her patients into every decision she makes while delivering chiropractic care. Her passion for learning and educating patients about chiropractic is evident. The commitment she shows to her patients is unwavering.…Read More

    Rebecca R. Boles, DC
  4. Good Honest Chiropractor

    I started seeing Dr. Alex back in mid -November 2018. When I first started seeing Dr. Alex I was having terrible terrible lower back pain and some occasional headaches. I went to Dr. Alex twice a week to begin with then In February I was able to just have to go one time a week. Dr. Alex worked on my back and gave me suggestions as to know how to pickup things without using my entire back by bendin…Read More

    Joyce Scoggins
  5. Amazing Chiropractor

    Dr. Alex has been an amazing Chiropractor for my daughters and me. We received care from her while she was an intern at Sherman College of Chiropractic. She was always very upbeat and energetic. She always greeted us with a smile. Her dedication and enthusiasm to chiropractic care showed thru the care she provided. It was very easy talking to her about things that my daughters were experiencing. H…Read More

    Dipal Parekh
  6. Improvement in Life

    With our demanding schedules, an athlete and a Chiropractic student, comes stressful times in our daily lives. After coming to Dr. Alex she greatly reduced the effects of the stress on our bodies through her specific and when needed adjustments. Studying and being able to move effectively were our biggest issues but after our first consultation, Dr. Alex helped us understand that Chiropractic was …Read More